ASEACCU Secretariat, represented by Dr. Teresa Loong of USJ, warmly welcomed by the Catholic University of Korea

May 3, 2023

On behalf of the Executive Secretary of the ASEACCU, Rector of the University of Saint Joseph Macao (USJ), Director of Office for Student and Alumni Affairs, Dr. Teresa Loong visited the Catholic University of Korea (CUK), a member of the Executive Board of the ASEACCU, on 24 April 2023.

Dr. Loong was warmly welcomed by the Very Reverend Fr. Luke Jongchul Won, President of the Catholic University of Korea, Prof Joonsuk Kim, Dean of International Affairs and Director Doowon Kang of International Affairs. The purpose of the meeting is to seek the advice from our ASEACCU members and to know their needs on the services provided by the Secretariat. The representative was impressed by the commitment of the Very Reverend Fr. Luke in engaging the other Catholic universities in Korea to register as ASEACCU members and the promotion of active collaborations among member institutions. CUK and USJ will initiate the process of collaborations on short-term program, student exchange and cooperative study.

[From Right to Left: Very Reverend Fr. Luke Jongchul Won, Prof Joonsuk Kim, Director Doowon Kong and Dr. Teresa Loong]

The visit ended with a campus tour guided by Prof Joonsuk Kim on the facilities including the Andrea Building, a newly built dormitory that can be of service for future ASEACCU events.

[Site visit at the main campus (Songsim) escorted by Prof Joonsuk Kim and Miss Minji Bae ]