New Member Institutions Join Aseaccu

May 17, 2016

Seisen Jogakuin College which is located in 2-120-8 Ueno, Nagano 381-0085 Japan and Widya Mandira Catholic University (Universitas Katolik Widya Mandira) which is located in Jl Jend. A. Yani 50-52 Kupang 85225 – Timor, NTT, Indonesia, are the new higher education institutions that joined ASEACCU. Yutaka Shibayama is the President of Seisen Jogakuin College and Fr. Yulius Yacinto, SVD is the President of Widya Mandira Catholic University

For those who are interested in joining ASEACCU, full membership may be granted to institutions that are recognized legal degree-granting Catholic universities and colleges in their respective countries. Associate membership may be granted to Catholic universities and colleges that are not within the Southeast and East Asian region and National associations of Catholic universities and colleges within the Southeast and East Asian region.

The ex officio representatives of Catholic universities and colleges, who are full or associate members, will be their president. In the case of national associations, the ex officio representative will be the Executive Secretary or the person holding an equivalent position. The ex officio representatives may appoint someone from their universities and colleges or associations to represent their institutions and, in the case of those with full membership, exercise their right to vote in elections or other actions where votes are taken by ASEACCU. Observer status may be granted to others wishing to attend the annual meetings of ASEACCU.

In addition to the above conditions, acceptance of a university or college to full membership requires the following: nomination by two universities that are full members of ASEACCU in good standing, review and recommendation by the Advisory Committee, and approval by two-thirds vote of the full members of the association present in a general assembly.The same conditions as for new members apply to the granting of associate membership and permanent observer status.